ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Fixtures

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

Cricket is considered as a religion in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and people are crazy about Cricket, especially in this part of the world. With ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 coming in the year 2011, the game would rise to new levels. If you are a Cricket fan searching for ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 schedule, Cricket World Cup 2011 fixtures, Cricket World Cup 2011 venue and Cricket World Cup 2011 teams, then you need not to go elsewhere as you will get information on Cricket World Cup 2011 fixtures, Cricket World Cup 2011 venue and Cricket World Cup 2011 teams and ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 schedule and every other info about ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 here.

Group AGroup B
PakistanSouth Africa
New ZealandEngland
KenyaThe Netherlands
Sri LankaWest Indies

Match Schedule:

DateTeamsVenueTime(GMT)Match Type
Feb 19, 2011Bangladesh vs IndiaMirpur08:30Day/Night
Feb 20, 2011New Zealand vs KenyaChennai04:00Day
Feb 20, 2011Sri Lanka vs CanadaHambantota09:00Day/Night
Feb 21, 2011Australia vs ZimbabweAhmedabad09:00Day/Night
Feb 22, 2011England vs NetherlandsNagpur09:00Day/Night
Feb 23, 2011Pakistan vs KenyaHambantota09:00Day/Night
Feb 24, 2011South Africa vs West IndiesDelhi09:00Day/Night
Feb 25, 2011Bangladesh vs IrelandMirpur03:30Day
Feb 25, 2011Australia vs New ZealandNagpur09:00Day/Night
Feb 26, 2011Pakistan vs Sri LankaColombo09:00Day/Night
Feb 27, 2011India vs EnglandKolkata09:00Day/Night
Feb 28, 2011Canada vs ZimbabweNagpur04:00Day
Feb 28, 2011West Indies vs NetherlandsDelhi09:00Day/Night
Mar 1, 2011Sri Lanka vs KenyaColombo09:00Day/Night
Mar 2, 2011England vs IrelandKolkata09:00Day/Night
Mar 3, 2011South Africa vs NetherlandsMohali04:00Day
Mar 3, 2011Pakistan vs CanadaColombo09:00Day/Night
Mar 4, 2011New Zealand vs ZimbabweAhmadabad04:00Day
Mar 4, 2011Bangladesh vs West IndiesMirpur08:30Day/Night
Mar 5, 2011Australia vs Sri LankaColombo09:00Day/Night
Mar 6, 2011South Africa vs EnglandChennai04:00Day
Mar 6, 2011India vs IrelandBangalore09:00Day/Night
Mar 7, 2011Cananda vs KenyaDelhi09:00Day/Night
Mar 8, 2011Pakistan vs New ZealandKandy09:00Day/Night
Mar 9, 2011India vs NetherlandDelhi09:00Day/Night
Mar 10, 2011Sri Lanka vs ZimbabweKandy09:00Day/Night
Mar 11, 2011West Indies vs IrelandMohali04:00Day
Mar 11, 2011Bangladesh vs EnglandChittagong08:30Day/Night
Mar 12, 2011India vs South AfricaNagpur09:00Day/Night
Mar 13, 2011New Zealand vs CanadaMumbai04:00Day
Mar 13, 2011Australia vs KenyaBangalore09:00Day/Night
Mar 14, 2011Bangaladesh vs NetherlandsChittagong03:30Day
Mar 14, 2011Pakistan vs ZimbabweKandy09:00Day/Night
Mar 15, 2011South Africa vs IrelandKolkata09:00Day/Night
Mar 16, 2011Australia vs CanadaBangalore09:00Day/Night
Mar 17, 2011England vs West IndiesChennai09:00Day/Night
Mar 18, 2011Ireland vs NetherlandsKolkata04:00Day/Night
Mar 18, 2011Sri Lanks vs New ZealandMumbai09:00Day
Mar 19, 2011Bangaladesh vs South AfricaMirpur03:30Day
Mar 19, 2011Pakistan vs AustraliaColombo09:00Day/Night
Mar 20, 2011Zimbabwe vs KenyaKolkata04:00Day/Night
Mar 20, 2011India vs West IndiesChennai09:00Day
Mar 23, 20111st Quarter FinalMirpur08:30Day/Night
Mar 24, 20112nd Quarter FinalColombo09:00Day/Night
Mar 25, 20113rd Quarter FinalMirpur08:30Day/Night
Mar 26, 20114th Quarter FinalAhmedabad09:00Day/Night
Mar 29, 20111st Semi FinalColombo09:00Day/Night
Mar 30, 20112nd Semi FinalMohali09:00Day/Night
Apr 2, 2011The FinalMumbai09:00Day/Night

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